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Evaporation Control Systems Pty Ltd

2 Inglis Court
QLD 4670
Mobile: 0409 262 891
Enquiry Response Checklist

In order for us to provide accurate information to assist you we need more information on your particular situation. Please take a minute to answer the following questions. We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.
(all information held in strictest confidence within the ECS organisation)
Your Company name:
Nature of business:
Contact person:
Postal Address:
Postal Address 2:
Water Storage
Area of storage when full (m2):
Shape of storage:
Rise & fall of water level:
Type of storage (dam across valley/natural lake/excavated tank):

Is storage lined ? :Yes No:
Source & PH of water (bore/run-off/other) :
Access for large vehicles (if needed):Yes No:
Availability of crane (4000kg capacity), trencher etc: Yes No:
Evaporation rate (m/p.a.):

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ECS Products :: Contact Us